Effective claims resolution

We believe that the ultimate test of any Insurance Broker is the service clients receive in the event of a claim. We recognise that a first class claims service is ultimately at the heart of our client’s requirements and therefore, we have an experienced and committed in house claims team who have an exceptional approach to meet these expectations.

A dedicated in-house team
Our claims team have attained vast experience over many years working within the insurance industry and are able to deal with a range of claims, varying from simple to high value complex cases - across a broad range of insurance classes. Unlike some brokers, we do not outsource claims management. All our clients’ claims are handled by our in-house claims team to ensure a high standard and personal service is consistently delivered.

What to expect from Fidentia Insurance Brokers
We appreciate that a claim can be a worrying time for clients and so we work hard to make the process as straight forward and hassle-free as we can. You will be assigned a dedicated and highly experienced claims handler to assist you throughout the whole process. On your behalf they will: Over the years we have supported hundreds of clients resolve claim issues successfully
Thank you so much for your prompt and sympathetic actions regarding our claim. It is much appreciated Mr H
Thank you for the speed you have handled this... mega service as ever Mr B

Making a claim – some general points to assist the process
It is imperative that you comply with your policy terms and conditions, so you should familiarise yourself with any Claims requirements. Depending on the nature of the incident, certain information will be required to ensure that Insurers are in a position to consider the claim. In this section, we have given a broad guide of likely information you will be required to submit, but please do contact one of the team on tel +44(0)20 3150 0080 or email claims@fidentiains.com for more information.
Property claims Liability claims Motor claim
Expect to provide the following information:
  • A completed claim form, providing the date of loss and full incident circumstances
  • Two comparative estimates for repair works or replacement items
  • Police Crime ref or lost/stolen property reference number
  • Original purchase receipt of item
Don't forget:
  • It is your responsibility to act as if uninsured, to mitigate any loss to the best of your ability.  Which means preventing further loss or damage and keeping costs to a minimum
  • If any urgent temporary repairs are undertaken to prevent further loss or damage, ensure that any estimates/invoices are detailed and photos of damage are taken if possible
Expect to provide the following information:
  • Date of loss with full details of the incident circumstances
  • Names of all parties involved, including addresses and statements from any witnesses
  • Nature and extent of injuries sustained / property damage caused
  • Photographs where possible and appropriate
Don’t forget:
  • If you receive a third party or solicitors letter, you should forward this to us immediately, unanswered, for Insurers attention
Option 1 - report your claim direct to insurers, who will gather appropriate information so your claim can be handled swiftly.  This can alleviate the need to complete a claim form Option 2 - report your claim to Fidentia and expect to provide the following information:
  • A completed claim form, providing the date of loss and full incident circumstances, unless you contact the Motor Insurer direct to report the claim
  • Photos of damage and/or of the location are often of assistance
  • Names of all parties (including passengers) involved, including addresses and statements from any witnesses
  • Estimate for repairs, if Insurers approved repairer is not being utilised
Whichever option you choose, Fidentia are here to assist you at all times
Remember, this list is for guidance only. Once a claim is submitted to Insurers, further information is highly likely to be required but will be specific to your claim and policy’s terms & conditions. All claims should be notified at the earliest opportunity as any delay can lead to greater loss or damage or affect the insurer’s acceptance of your claim

Can we help?
Our dedicated claims team will be happy to answer any queries you have. Main contacts:
  • claims@fidentiains.com, tel: +44 (0)20 3150 0087
  • Scott Archer, Senior Claims Executive, tel: +44 (0)20 3150 0084
  • Sandra Coleman, Director, tel: +44 (0)20 3150 0086, mobile: +44 (0)7976 391282
  • Emergency out of hours numbers Mobile: +44 (0)7976 391282 or +44(0)7775 510197
Thank you very much Scott for the resolution of our claim - that is great news! Thank you also for all the effort you have put in and your patience!
Ms B